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Greetings to the Visitor,


My name is Tivadar Horvát. I am running a little business dealing with the production of lamps and chandeliers. Besides that I also produce, repair and restorate other kinds of artworks and cupper works. My business has been operating since 1996 serving artglass users, Tiffany globe producers, furnishers and private persons and traders.

My products: desktop lamp, standing lamp, bracket, drop-lamp, parts and accessories for chandeliers and lamps. These products are made mainly from yellow brass by casting or metal pressing process with antique or other surface treatment in order to implement different lighting solutions.

Presently I have a lamp body collection of nearly 100 pieces. I continuously expand this collection. Tiffany globes, shades made of silk or paper and also polished or other glass globes can be implicated on the lamp bodies.

The lamp bodies can be produced according to antique or modern character adjusting them to the style of the globes.


I would be pleased to implement individual solutions or ideas too.


I am looking forward to receive the enquiry of customers, who are interested to buy products with long-lasting value at producer cost.!



With best regards:

Tivadar Horváth

1202 Budapest, Bácska utca 67.

Tel/Fax: + 36 1 285 4085

Mobil: + 36 30 9718 629

E-mail: horvath@bronzlampa.hu